Where to buy a holiday home in the UK?

After the last couple of years with lockdown restrictions, many Brits have been enjoying staycations. Many have explored the stunning destinations across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and with a newfound love for the UK, many are now thinking about buying their own holiday home to escape to throughout the year.

With many locations to consider, where is the best place to purchase a holiday home? We have put together some of our favourite UK destinations for you to look into.

Lake District  

Tourists from all over the world visit the Lake District for its spectacular scenery, wildlife, history and culture. It’s a great place to visit to escape the busy city life and enjoy a more relaxed environment with plenty of walks and great restaurants and bars.

Many opt for a countryside-style cottage when they visit however, there is plenty of stylish and modern properties.

Lake District


Located about 1.5 hours away the popular Cornwall holiday spot, Devon is just as fresh taking with stunning coastlines, a music scene, great camping spots, fantastic walks and cute seaside villages.

Devon isn’t as busy as Cornwall but there is still plenty to do and the locals are super friendly. So whether you’re looking for a holiday home near the beach, in the countryside or near a town, we’re sure that there is something to suit your needs in Devon!


England’s capital city has a little something for everyone from street food to Michelin star restaurants, couple friendly and family activities, museums, art galleries and more! With plenty going on most weekends, we don’t think you could ever get bored in London.

If you wish to break up your visit, there is plenty of cities to visit around London such as Bath, Oxford, Norwich as well as access to the Eurostar which goes to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.

The types of properties in London range from apartments to townhouses however as you probably know, it’s one of the most expensive places to purchase a house in the UK.

Brighton Pier


Nicknamed as London by the Sea, Brighton has been a popular holiday destination for Londoners since the 1840s and many people from the North make the trip to enjoy the beach, the walks, nightlife, food and the location’s culture.

Throughout the year, Brighton holds a number of different events and festivals for locals and tourists to enjoy.


Located in Scotland, Skye is known for its medieval castles, rugged landscapes and picturesque fishing villages. Connected by Scotland’s northwest coast by Skye Bridge and the Mallaig – Armdale ferry.

Considered as one of the UK’s most beautiful places, you’ll be able to become one with nature and visit enchanting fairy pools, hike up postcard worthy scenes and enjoy some of the local cuisines – there is plenty of fresh fish and seafood and lots of cosy and local restaurants to choose from.



With stunning beaches, incredible nature and one of the must see destinations for wildlife lovers, Jersey is becoming a popular spot for adventures and sports. If you’re looking to enjoy climbing, kayaking, swimming, coasteering, cycling, paddle boarding and more, Jersey is the place to be.

 As well as plenty to do, as Jersey is that tiny bit further South, you will enjoy lots of sun and warm weather (a considerably more if you live quite North in the UK).


Located in the South of Wales, Pembrokeshire has towns and villages that vary from coastal towns on high cliffs like Tenby to tiny harbor villages like Porthgain with great history. A fantastic tourist spot is Britain’s smallest city, a quaint and tiny city with only 1,600 residents – St David’s.

So, whether you’re looking for a holiday home in the countryside, near the coast or in Britain’s smallest city, Pembrokeshire has plenty to offer.


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