How Can Homeowners Take Advantage of Extraordinary Low Mortgage Rates?

If you got your copy of The Times on the 18th of September, you may have seen our article about how homeowners can take advantage of extraordinarily low rates? For those who didn’t grab a copy of the paper, a copy of our article is below if you would like to find out more about low mortgage rates.

The ever-changing mortgage market has kicked out another perk for borrowers. Whilst the full stamp duty holiday comes to an end and the average UK house price is now £254,624, mortgage rates are at their lowest.

Borrowers may believe that incentives are in favour of those looking to get onto the property ladder. However, existing homeowners may also be able to reap the rewards of low mortgage rates by remortgaging, which is often overlooked and forgotten about but it may lead to a saving each month.

How can you obtain a lower mortgage rate?
Switching Lenders –
In August 2021, there were 4,660 mortgage products available, an increase of 417 products from the month before.

Product Transfer – Your existing lender may have a better rate which you could switch to once your early repayment charge ends.

Mortgage Broker – A mortgage broker can review the whole market to find you the most suitable rates available based upon your circumstances. They may also be able to access exclusive rates.

Check your mortgage paperwork to see when your early repayment charge finishes. It is worth starting the remortgaging process up to three months prior as this allows sufficient time to get your mortgage approved and in place.

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