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We’ve pulled together our top tips when it comes to life insurance

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Starting early saves you money

The younger and healthier you are, the lower your premiums are likely to be. As you get older you’ll be seen as a higher risk to insurers. Acting sooner rather than later means you’ll be able to lock in a lower premium for the duration of the cover.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

The cost of life insurance is based on a number of factors. These include not only the amount of cover you take out and the length of the policy, but also your age, state of health and lifestyle. Stopping smoking or losing a significant amount of weight could mean you get a better deal with cheaper premiums.

Get the cover that you need

People’s insurance needs change when they buy a property or have a family, take on more debt or change jobs. Cover can be combined with protection against accidents, critical illness and unemployment too.

Joint or Single Policies

Generally the cost of two single policies doesn’t cost much more than a joint policy. A joint policy only pays out once and would leave the surviving person without cover. Taking out single policies means that if a claim is made on one, it doesn’t impact the other.

Write your policy in a trust

Putting your life insurance policy in trust ensures that in the event of your death the proceeds will not form part of your estate when it comes to calculating Inheritance Tax. There is another benefit too, as life policy proceeds can be paid out before probate is granted and therefore provide an effective means of getting money quickly into the hands of beneficiaries, or of paying the Inheritance Tax due before probate can be granted. Putting a policy in trust isn’t usually a difficult or time-consuming process.

Review your policy from time to time

People’s life insurance needs change throughout their lives, for instance when they buy a property, have a family, change jobs, or take on more debt. It’s often at times like these that it’s worthwhile considering combining life cover with protection against accidents, critical illness and unemployment too. Reviewing your policy regularly will help ensure that you always have the right level of cover in place to meet your family’s needs.

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Finding the right life insurance policy is important; no-one wants to leave their family facing financial hardship if they were no longer around to provide for them. We’re only a phone call away, so if you have queries or would like to discuss the sort of life insurance policies that would work best for your financial circumstances, please do get in touch.

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