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Don’t be underinsured

Making sure you have enough insurance cover is almost as important as having insurance in the first place.

Under-insurance can cause serious problems if you have to make a claim, as your insurance company may not pay out the full cost to replace lost, stolen or damaged items.

So, if you only paid for £25,000 of home contents cover, but the total value of your home contents is £50,000, any claim you make, even for a single item included at the correct value, could be scaled-down pro rata.

Understand how excess works

The excess on a home insurance policy is a fixed amount that you will have to pay out if you make a claim on your policy. Your insurer will deduct this figure from the amount they will pay you when they settle your claim. There are compulsory excesses that your insurer applies, and in addition there are voluntary excesses that you can choose. So if you choose to have a higher voluntary excess, in return the insurer may reduce the amount of your premiums.

Price isn’t the only factor

When looking for the right buildings and contents insurance, the key is to focus on features, not the price when comparing policies, to ensure you buy an appropriate product for your particular circumstances.

Think about the added extras

Some optional extras can be legal expenses, home emergency, drains and plumbing, freezer breakdown, accidental damage to home contents, and accidental damage for personal possessions outside the home.

Many people feel its worth paying extra for these extras to have peace of mind in the event that the unexpected happens.

Review your policy if you extend your property or buy new things

It’s important to bear in mind that the amount of buildings insurance you need should be the rebuild cost of your home, not the full market value.

Whilst your sum insured doesn’t need to keep pace with property price increases, if you’ve carried out major home improvements, built an extension, or added outbuildings such as a garden room or store, then your cover may need to be increased to include the extra accommodation. 

If you’ve acquired new possessions, it’s important to make sure they’re properly insured. Some home contents insurance policies cover high-value items as standard and will insure any single item up to a specified figure – this can be typically £1,000. If you don’t declare a valuable worth more than the limit, it wouldn’t be covered at all. If you have items that exceed the stipulated amount, then you need additional cover.

It pays to update your policy regularly

Once you’ve bought a policy, it’s vital to update it regularly to ensure that you have the right level of cover.

Consider your options at renewal

When your home insurance policy comes up for renewal, it’s often tempting just to stay with your current provider, not least because it’s often quicker and easier to do that than spend hours checking comparison sites or ringing round insurance companies for a policy quotation. However, many people have found that by staying put, their premiums have risen steadily over the years, and their policy no longer represents good value for money. Your best course of action is to ask us to find the most suitable policy based on your individual needs and circumstances.

Terminology to be aware of

Premium loading is the amount an insurance company adds to the basic premium to cover their business costs; knock-on effects to homeowners include increased premiums and excesses. This is particularly relevant to those living in flood-risk areas where insurers may increase premiums for properties deemed at risk, to protect their balance sheets in the likelihood of a claim. Exclusions in insurance are clauses inserted into the terms of a policy which detail what items/events are not included in the cover provided. It is vital to check the finer detail of the policy to avoid any unexpected exclusions.

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Finding the right deal for your home insurance is important. We’re only a phone call away, so if you have queries or would like to discuss the sort of insurance that would work best for your home and contents, please do get in touch.

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